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Kitchen Bitchin’

Adam Saul, cook
Let me tell you something: I hate everything about being the kitchen bitch. I leave work every day and I smell like fish and women think I’m a pervert. My feet hurt. I don’t get paid enough for what I do. Everyone who works in hospitality has a major superiority complex. When I [...]

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Rob Dario, actor/graphic artist
Dear Self,
It is a little disquieting that in my attempt to form a well-conceived rant, I am unable; finding it difficult to conjure up even the most trivial subject to rant about.
Being the person I am, I believe I should know myself the best: a man of passion and passions, at times [...]

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Newspeak For the Weak

Rantoceros, actor/Cisco Systems Employee
The emotionless, power-hungry tyrants of America have created a
sanitized, overblown version of the English language devoted solely to the purpose of subverting the truth.
Rather than use words as the powerful tools they are, these corporate-driven greed merchants have taken to using our language as little more than stilts made of balsa wood, [...]

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To get things started, this is my rant that spawned the Rantasaurus:
I’m sick of the bigots, assholes and blowhards on Craigslist Rants and Raves. I’m sick of reading people’s brilliant content about hating black people, hating women, wanting to empty their penis and otherwise being lame and unreasonable. It’s not enough that stupid people populate [...]

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